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August 5, 2011

Summary of OFFICE 365 Limitations and Workarounds

This blog post will brief you about that various limitations I faced during Office 365 Sandbox development. Sandbox limitations differ when it comes to cloud deployment compared to on premise deployment.You will find various blogs with Sandbox Limitations. 

This post would help you understand these limitations in a quick way, so that you can plan before you start your deployment. If you are a SharePoint Expert this blog would not help you much, but there are lots of Office 365 BeginnersJ.    
    1. The WSP package cannot deploy files to hive .i.e. file system. The possible option to uses document library to deploy your files
    2. We can use Sandboxed Visual WebParts with some limitations while you are developing for Office 365. You need to install the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools and use Visual WebPart (Sandboxed) Item Template.
      3. Performing asynchronous post back cannot be achieved, we may try using JQUERY, I need to explore more on this and will update my post accordingly.
    4. You cannot use Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly on cloud but this will work when you are developing sandbox for on premise application.
    5. You cannot use Page.RegisterClient script for registering JavaScript on the page; you can use html render tag to insert script tag in the page. This holds good for adding css. Few say to use embedded resources but not sure if it’s really going to work out on cloud.
    7. You cannot use Run with Elevated privileges in sand box solution.
    8. Using resources in sandbox solution is Tricky, which is not feasible while developing solutions for OFFICE 365 or cloud.

Will be updating this blog as and when I find more limitations. Please feel free to comment on the above points or if you have a better workarounds.

Note: Post Updated On August 8 2011

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