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April 19, 2009


MOSS FEATURE GENERATOR is  one of the most useful tool i found on codeplex,  but i found very few articles on how to  use it. This article describes in brief on how to  use MOSS FEATURE GENERATOR TOOL.

Let me describe what moss feature generator does? It helps in creating feature for list document libray  and many more things. It reduces the development effort for creating a feature for a list which as been created using OOB UI. Recently when we had to create a list using feature, all of us know that creating and modifying schema.xml is a pain and time consuming. After seeign this tool on codeplex i was very happy to use it. Given below are the steps to create a list feature.

Step 1. Download the MOSS Feature Generator  Tool from here  and double click CTFeatureCreator.exe

Step 2. Click File->New->Select List Template Feature.

Step 3.  Specify the Site url in the site collection url, select the site from the drop down which has your list for which we need to create feature.

Step 4. Select the list from the items list  and click next

Step 5. You will see a list template defintion window as shown below, specify the path to create feature and Click Create feature button.

Once the feature is generated , copy the feature to Features folder under templates and install and acitvate the feature.

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