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November 11, 2008

Wiki Migration Tool

Migration is a common requirement for all the projects. Recently I had been asked to create a TOOL for migration of wiki articles from different site collection level. The best way of creating a tool is by providing a UI.

All wiki’s which are created resides in a wiki library. Microsoft has defined a set of Basic List Templates for document libraries, custom list, picture library etc. I will be talking here about the basic list template associated with wiki library. There are almost 38 different kinds of basic list templates.


The entire wiki document library is associated to WebPageLibrary list template. You can download the tool from the below link


How to use the Wiki Migration Tool

In the source site URL text box enter the top level site URL of the share point site and click show sites. A list of sub sites in the top level sites will be displayed in the list of sites. By clicking on any one of the sites under this list, a list of wiki document library present in this site will be populated.

Specify the destination url is the wiki document library to which the wiki’s need to be migrated. \Click on Migrate Wikis button, within few minutes all the wikis will be migrated. Of course there is scop for improvement for the tool.

I want to thank my friend shiva for giving me knowledge on Basic List Templates

Hope this tool saves some of your time.


Anonymous said...

Is this tool able to move specific one wiki page from library in a subsite to another subsite?
By the way, I dunno how to download the tool, could you please help? Thanks a lot!

raghavendra hari shanbhag said...


Nope it doesn't move a specific page, but you can modify it to achieve the same. Its been long time i had uploaded to esnipps, i am not able to downloaded even after logging in to the esnips. need to check if it exist on my backup folder.